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2023 Wedding Cuisine Trends

Updated: Mar 13

Wedding Season is upon us! One of the most important aspects of any Wedding is the food. Trends in wedding cuisine have changed rapidly in recent years, here is a look at a few of the more popular Wedding cuisine trends in 2023.

Farm-to-Table: More and more couples are opting for locally-sourced, organic, and sustainable ingredients for their wedding catering. Farm-to-table menus are a popular

Venue: Laurel Haven Estate / Photographer: Smile As You Mae Photography

choice for couples who want to showcase seasonal produce and support local farmers.

Interactive Food Stations: Interactive food stations are a great way to keep guests engaged and entertained. Couples are offering a variety of food stations, such as make-your-own pizza stations, sushi bars, and dessert stations.

Miniature Everything: Miniature versions of classic dishes are a huge hit at weddings. Couples are offering mini sliders, mini pizzas, mini mac and cheese cups, and other bite-sized treats.

Food Trucks: Food trucks have become a popular choice for wedding catering, especially for outdoor and casual weddings. Couples can hire multiple food trucks to offer a variety of cuisines and flavors.

Brunch Weddings: Brunch weddings are becoming more popular, and brunch-themed menus are a great fit for morning or early afternoon weddings. Couples can serve breakfast foods like waffles, pancakes, and omelets, as well as lunch items like sandwiches and salads.

Signature Cocktails: Signature cocktails have been a popular trend for a few years now, and they're still going strong. Couples can create custom cocktails that reflect their personalities and tastes, and offer them to guests during the reception.

These are just a few of the catering trends that have emerged in recent years.