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Support Vaughn Taylor

Lancaster's Vaughn Taylor is stronger than any kid should have to be, as he bravely battles Leukemia.  He and his family could use a lot of warriors to help carry them through the massive financial burden they face. Southern Dish 101 is proud to support the Taylor family and be #VaughnStrong. Please read more about Vaughn below and consider making a donation today.



About Vaughn

Vaughn is the most lovable, respectful, and energetic young man.  He was diagnosed with Leukemia on June 14, 2022, and life changed for him.  Since that time Vaughn has not been able to attend school, play the sports he loves so much, and has been in routine treatments in 3 hospitals; Charlotte, Charleston and now Philadelphia.  After an unsuccessful round with chemotherapy, he is now participating in Car-T infusion treatment in Philadelphia. This treatment maximizes his chances of full recovery.  

Away from his 3 siblings and family routinely, Vaughn takes comfort in the care of his parents and his faith in God.   Vaughn never complains about the repeated tests, procedures, and hospital stays.  You will always hear him say "God is my healer" and he believes that! Vaughn is determined to defeat cancer but needs the support of friends and the community to be able to continue his treatment. Vaughn's story will be one of showing God's Healing power at work in the darkest of situations.  Help make his success possible by assisting with the financial needs of his journey.

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